Bibahabd Success Story

Success Stories: May God make them happy~

Profile ID: ikra & shadman20

Hello Bibahabd Team, We would really want to tell all of you that it’s an unbeatable story, we stepped together. Although, we found each other after such a deep digging, but yeah, it was like finding a real gem. We found our soul mates in each other and got married on 25th September, 2020. Bibahabd portal became a medium for us to meet. The best part is that Every-one in our families is in the impression that it’s a Love Match! Thanks for being a part of this Gold written destiny of me & Shadman - Mir Shadman Ali & Ikra Jehaan

Profile ID: shams78 & shopnobajovi

It was a beautiful journey and would like to share how we met on One fine day Ovaidul was going across many profile. He sent a proposal to Selina luckily they accepted. Soon they exchanged their phone numbers and moved ahead by having conversations over a call and messages. They both decided to meet with families' presence. After a few meetings they decided to spend their whole life with each other. Thus they got married on 7th Aug 2020. Well Wishes for this amazing platform - Ovaidul Haque Ovi & Selina Akter

Profile ID: tumpa94 & in2shimanto266

I was searching a Life partner, who understands me, who can match me and one day I saw Shimanto's profile on, i have read all details about him and he also quickly checked out my profile as well. I thought he is better for me. I send a proposal to him. He accepted my proposal. We was met and our families also. We both had agreed to get married with each other and family agreed also. We get married on 7th August 2020. I'm so thankful that I got a Life partner according to my preference. Thanks - Syed Shimanto Ahamed & Umma Kulsum Tumpa

Profile ID: rina1971 & arif1137

First week of May, 2020, I received Marufa's profile in daily match emails. I sent my initial proposal and started to contact her Guardian. After providing family and personal details of me, Guardian provided candidate contact details as they accepted my proposal. We went on to like each other. Both families met with each other and marriage preparation was about to happen as we both families have same interest. We did the official marriage ceremony in a private closed circle on 24th July, 2020. Best Wishes to for finding us perfect life partner - Md Arifuzzaman & Marufa Rahman

Profile ID: amitkumer & sukanta93

Well I am really happy to tell you that after a long search I finally met my life partner with the help of, I am very thankful to this platform for helping me to do such job. It was not easy being in my community to get a match with all those criteria's i was looking for but served my purpose very well indeed. On 11th of June 2020 we both got married with presence of our near family ones. I wish may others find their partner as I found mine with the help of this web portal. Thanks - Amit Kumer Das & Sukanta Debnath

Profile ID: afrojamoni & nomanbdbd

"Happy is the man who finds a true match and happier is he who finds a true friend in his wife". After experiencing the equivalent of "love at first sight" when I saw her first on I realized it only after I clicked that "send proposal" button that I have found my match. I was truly happy when she accepted the proposal. Later, we felt that we both have found our soul mate for years to passing by. On 20th March 2020 we both get married with our family members and close friends at a private ceremony. We can never ever thank enough well wishes to for making this match possible - Md Noman Hossain & Afroja Moni

Profile ID: mas025 & tanzila1433

I had just created my profile and some days after I got a proposal from his account. Incidentally, I accepted his proposal and we started chatting. From the get go, there was so much chemistry, even before we met. We both knew we had found the right person in the back of our minds right away. We deactivate our profiles after marriage held on 14th Feb, 2020. Call it luck, call it chance, or call it destiny, we are perfect for each other. Well Wishes - Md Masum & Tanzila Tesmi Erona

Profile ID: jafor502349 & farhana321

Thanks to to give me my better half. It took time but i got my perfect life partner. Never loose hopes, is very helpful to find your life partner. We got married on 13th January, 2020 with our family approval. I believe and have faith in to search partner. I will recommend to all who is searching their life partner, please make your account once on you will happy with its service. Thanks - Jafor Imam Tarafder & Farhana Akhter

Profile ID: incognito2170 & nikita92

I have started searching for my perfect life partner from i have found a perfect family and a perfect life partner to spend a life with.. We have successfully got married on 10th January, 2020. Thank you people for doing such a beautiful job to make the search of ones dream partner so easy and convenient , Our married life is very peaceful and harmonious and the reason behind everything is Keep us in you prayer. - M. Arabi Hasan Sakib & Shahrin Mahbub Nikita

Profile ID: & razea

I would like to say thanks to for helping me to find my better half. Every story has its unique identity, and same I feel it. Firstly, Razea and me understand each other and after fruitful talk with each other we trying to know each other. With the good and healthy communication, we understand each other and after that with the permission from both the family, we decided to go ahead and wanted to live rest of the life with each other. We got married on 20 th December,2019.and since then every day we are feeling blessed. Thank you - Md.Nasiruddin Sunny & Razea Sultana

Profile ID: shiploo2014 & erina121

People always say that there's always a person who is meant to be yours, there is someone somewhere who is perfect for you, it was hard to believe, but made us believe this. We finally found our perfect match here. We got married on 20th December, 2019. is a perfect platform to look for a life partner; we'll surely recommend people to use this platform. Thank You- Md Aslam & Erina Khatun

Profile ID: hafiz05 & soniakhanam

We are grateful to It has been unimaginable before to have found someone perfect and truly genuine about searching for a life partner through the online match making tools. The way App works, it's trustable & provides clarity of content to read through the profile. After registering to the app, I was notified with the most matched profiles according to the set criteria and preferences. Our interest, hobby, liking and preferences matched so precisely, resulted, we decided to engage our families. We got married on 16th December,2019.In my experience, the matrimony app is helpful if you have discovered yourself & know what you are looking for in your life partner. Best regards - Md.Hafizur Rahman and Sonia Khanam

Profile ID: kafihel01 & israt71

We meet through On first talk we exchange our numbers and stat talking. Than after we decide to go further and talk to our parents. Than after through parents we meet officially. Than we both agree to get marry on 25 October 2019 with each other and spend our life with each other. I am lucky to have her in my life. Thank You - Abdullah Hel Kafi & Israt Jahan

Profile ID: jared4all & mhno8341

It's truly said, "Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it a meaning." Same way Nabila came into my life and made me feel the essence of LOVE. On the 1st meeting we both were impressed by each other and by the permission of our parents we decided to marry on 11 October 2019. I got my perfect match from - Md.abdul Halim & Nabila Hossain

Profile ID: nilufer & samdanitanvir

A woman expects only two things from a man: love and honesty. When she realizes that a man can give her this, all she wants is to spend a beautiful married life with the one she is in love with. I found my caring husband named Tanvir Samdani from We decided that we want to spend the rest of our life with each other after our first meet. Finally we got married 13 September, 2019. Thanks to for giving me such an wonderful life partner. Regards - Nilufer Sultana & Tanvir Samdani

Profile ID: juthi308388 & shahed393

Thanks to to help me find out my soul mate. I liked her profile and send her proposal and she also did accept my proposal on, we later got in touch through family. We got married on. 23rd August, 2019. She's my love, my strength, my lifeline and as she says "I love you more than even the most heartfelt word can ever explain. We are everything for each other. Thank You to find my love. Regards - Mirza Musa Ahammed Shahed & Sazia Sultana Juthi

Profile ID: syedm & ainunnaher

Thanks team for their continuous support to help me finding the best life partner. I had purchased a package and then came across various profiles. Within one month, I got connected with Ainun Naher a lovely girl, made for me. The qualities which I seek from my partner, I found in her and same applies for her, I think so. We got engaged, fall in love and then finally got married in 9th August 2019. Pairs are made by God in heaven, but in 21st century, you might not find them in traditional way, but only through online means. is best in this business and I recommended it to many of mine friends. Once again thanks for changing my life in the best way. - Syed Mohiuddin & Ainun Naher

Profile ID: arman6343 & naznin.03

Everything happened within the blink of an eye. When I look back all of it seems like a fantasy. We got to know each other from we stared conversation and after some days we decide to meet each other. We got married 26th July 2019 with our family approval. Thank You Team. Regards- Arman Kabir & Naznin Yeasmin

Profile ID: nawrinsm & kazitaha09

Love beautifies everything and marriage unites two beautiful souls. We Gratitude to who helped me to my soul mate. This was a key stepping stone for our relationship. We found that we were compatible and got our parents involved. With our family approval we got married on 21 June, 2019. Very big thanks to - Regards Kazi mohammad Taha & Nawrin Islam

Profile ID: benzir050 & riya19

Let me tell you our story of love. just make it happening. I never imagined that I would find the most perfect life partner on a matrimonial site. But God has his ways. Thank you for helping me find my love. We got married 25th May 2019 by our family approval. Pray for us. - Benzir Ahammad & Raiyana Hossain Riya

Profile ID: sadatarman and kamrul.hassan

Love cannot be explained, it can only be felt. Well I am really happy to tell you that after a long search I finally met my life partner with the help of I am very thankful to this platform for helping me to do such job. We got married 25th April 2019 I wish may others find their partners as I found mine with the help of - Sadat Arman & Afrosa Sultana

Profile ID: azmir9001 & nurnessa filters helped us to find suitable matches according to our preference. Our families liked each other's profiles and soon we exchanged telephone numbers and started talking to each other. is doing a very noble task in helping finding the ones soul mate. Finally we got married 14 march 2019. My gratitude to who made it possible for me to find each other, beyond the geographical boundaries.- Azmir Siddique & Sumaiya Alam

Profile ID: pobox4149 & naz1982

Love is a beautiful feeling and only the one experiencing it knows how lovely it can make your life. It is a great feeling to be loved by someone and spending life with him. When I registered myself on got access to many profiles and in those I found Sharmin Nahar's profile to be very good. It instantly liked her profile by seeing her pic and realizing that we had quite a lot in common. I sent a request immediately and to my surprise she accepted it without any delay and that's how we got connected. We started conversing with each other. Both approached their parents with the profiles and they agreed. Finally we got married 20th February 2019. Married life is beautiful if you get the right partner. I thank for giving me my life partner. - Safayet Sayef & Sharmin Nahar

Profile ID: kajalmomotaj & sazibharun0303

I have been searching on other matrimonial website for months but I had no success initially, as soon as I joined I came upon my future wife's profile, we live in the same city and therefore it was easy to meet and get to know her. We got married 8th February. Thank you for the help . –Sazib Harun & Momotaj Kajal

Profile ID: mahbubaakte & adhareu

Being a romantic person, I always thought I go for a love marriage but destiny had something else written for me. It took me by surprise that I could find love online too. I registered on, I was quite surprised to come across profiles of people who had so many similarities with me. Soon, one profile that caught my interest Named Mahbuba Akter. We stared talking with each other and conversation made us understand each other well. Finally both families talked to each other and fixed our marriage date. We got married on 11 th January 2019. Our parents were happy for both of us. Thanks to the platform of for gifting us best joy of our life. Regards- Asif Iqbal & Mahbuba Akter Tonni.

Profile ID: jannat12345 & mnasiddiq

Hello I am Nurul Alam. I made an online account on in 12 January, 2019. I started looking for a girl with my Partner preferences. One day I sent proposal to girl called Mousume Mannan and she accepted my proposal. We started talking as strangers and became friends. Both of our families accepted our decision and we got married on 19 th january 2019, With the approval of our families. is the best matrimonial website to find a perfect match from our own partner preference. Best wished for Team. - Nurul Alam and Mousume Mannan.

Profile ID: rubabd28 & lbreza

What can I say it started with when he sent me proposal to communicate. So I go through his profile, he was living in USA back then. We started to chit-chatting and get to know each other. Then we both found mutual love and interest. After couple months of talking we both arranged formal family meetings and then our marriage been fixed. We decided to get married on 2nd Jan 2019 and we had a great function as well. Thanks to We are together now and forever - Masud Reza & Dilruba Akter

Profile ID: tanzina90 & ehk56

Its the destiny or we can say by the grace of allah we met on When I saw Tanzina's request I immediately accepted it. As we get hold on to conversation between us on first and then through calls . I realized that she is the one I was always think of. In September 2018 we got married by our family and become from two to one. Its just because of the two different persons have become soul mates. Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity. Thanks - Tanzina Islam & Ekramul Haque Khan

Profile ID: adil1212 & sathi88

Staying away from your loved one is extremely difficult. No matter how independent you are, at the end of the day you would want to be with your spouse. When I came across Israt Jahan on I was quite impressed with her bio and felt that we matched at many levels and so went ahead with having conversations with her. Soon, I met her and after some days we got married by our family approval on 15 August 2018. Thank You team - Robiul Karim & Israt Jahan

Profile ID: shuchithra & shayamald92321

I always wanted someone who is educated, understanding and of course of the same caste. I am thankful to that I found my significant other on We exchanged our contact numbers and emails on itself. Spending time together, making her a part of my friends ,surprising her, introducing her to everything in my life, lots of endless talking, and planning for our future not only made our courtship beautiful but also strengthened our relationship. My family had set a meeting with Shuchitra's family and we were overjoyed to find their traditional, virtuous and moral attributes to be equivalent as ours and finally we got married on 6th July, 2018. I am very lucky to find such an amazing partner who is there for me all the time, and supports me in everything I do. Thanks . Warm Regards- Indrajit & Shuchitra.

Profile ID: kamrun1990 & shamimbbf

Hello, I am Shamim Reza. It was a kind of astonishment for me that I found my significant other on I created a profile on in September 2017. I started looking for a girl with my profile preferences. One day I sent proposal to her and she accepted my proposal. Then we started talking with each other. Both families met and fixed a date for our marriage. Finally 21st August 2018 we got married. We would like to thank for playing cupid in our lives. Our journey to find true ends, as our journey to cherish true love begins.
- Shamim Reza & Kamrun Nahar

Profile ID: family18 & nasir123

We connected on later 2017 and started communicating on this website. We started talking as strangers and became friends, and we made plan to meet up. We started to share our feelings. We both were happy with each other thus decided to formalize our relationship by getting our families involved. A month later, we were engaged by family. We got married 24th June, 2018. Thank you once again for bringing so much happiness in our lives.
- Nasir Uddin & Lutfun Nahar Urmy

Profile ID: sarminangel & manzu27

I am Md.Manzurul Islam. I made online account on .I started looking for my bride with my profile preferences. One day I sent proposal to a girl called Sarmin Sompa & than after for a while we started knowing each other. We shared a lot of thing about each other. After talking for months we thought to tell our parents. I told my family and Sharmin also told to her family. When we told our guardian they talked to each other and fixed the meetings. Finally we got married on 2nd February, 2018. Thanks to for giving me such wonderful life partner. - Md.Manzurul Islam & Sarmin Sompa.

Profile ID: flavia92 & mahfuzwahab

Out of all the people in the world, Out of all the places Somehow, something brought the two of us together at the right place, at the right time. It's on I made online account on I started looking for a girl with my profile preferences. One day I sent request to girl called Flavia Rashid, she accepted my request and we exchanged our number at Then we started talking with each other. Both families met with each other & fixed the Marriage date on 29th january, 2018. Now we are happily married. Thanks to for giving me such a wonderful life partner. - Md.Mahfuz Wahab & Flavia Roshid

Profile ID: tithee2244 & riaz_mobarak

My parents were searching a guy for me but couldn't get suitable match. Then one day I found Md Riaz's (my husband) profile here. We started communicating with each other. With the grace of Allah our family also appreciated our decision & we decided to marry. Finally we got married on 12 January, 2018 and now I am so happy to get the best husband. I am very much thankful to to find my soul mate. My marriage pictures are attached herewith. Regards - Razia Sultana

Profile ID: renana201207 & md.rabiulalam

A big thank you to the team for helping us finds each other. I created a profile in; Here I came across Rehana Sultana's profile. She drew my attention, we communicated with each other. After some days we decided to get the parents and the elderly involved to decide the possible future. We got married on 21st August 2017. Our best wishes are always with Thanks every one for being a part of my story. - Md.Rabiul Alam & Rehana Sultana

Profile ID: ekakipothik & nusrat12a3

I'm grateful to for helping me to find my soul mate. I Md. Mustafizur Rahman contacted Nusrat Jahan at We started to know each other and & we decided we were indeed always meant for each other. With our family approval we got married on 17 March 2017. We appreciate team for their effort to make our dream true. Best wishes for - Md.Mustafizur Rahman & Nusrat Jahan.

Profile ID: ratriraat & s.aniloy

Now a days it is quiet difficult to find an expected life partner. makes it easy to me, I m personally a business man, I created a profile at & here I met with Sumiya Laila. We started to talk & like each other. After some days we come to know that we are perfect for each other and our family appreciated our decision. We got married 18 May, 2017. I am thankful to for making my dream come true. - Shaheen Ahmed & Sumiya Laila

Profile ID: bristy1990only & afif1989

We both were looking for a simple and understanding life partner. We both were getting call from multiple ID's at But no one was not matching to our wish list. Then One Fine day He got me searching my profile at Bibahabd Database and We had started communicating over social media and getting closer day by day. Thus we found the best compatible partner for marriage and family also agreed instantly. Thanks & Well Wishes to It’s truly a platform for realizing our dreams, got my bride on 14th April 2017 - Md. Neyamat Elahee Afif & Jannatul Ferdous Bristy

Profile ID: keepsmile & moscow1972@bib

I am running my business in Russia (Moscow). I was looking for a life partner who loves, caring and committed, with whom I can spend the rest of my life. made my dream come true. I was a registered member of and I met with Urmee Islam Nipun. We started communication with each other and decided to marry. Our family appreciated our decision and we got married 5th march 2017. We are grateful to for making the platform by which we found each other. - Asad zaman and Urmee Islam Nipun

Profile ID: mbcs1983 & badal98

In this busy world people searches for easy and smart solution to find out their life partner. is the well-organized and reliable platform that helps people like us to come closer. We truly appreciate their effort who have fulfilled their commitment to bring us together. We became couple on 01.03.2017 and we are happy to find each other. Our best wishes are always with that the portal gets its success to the peak. - Zakia Nasrin & Abdullah Al Rashid

Profile ID: marigoldbd & Resalat7312

We would like to thank for playing cupid in our lives. Our journey to find true ends, as our journey to cherish true love begins.... Resalat sent me Proposal and I accepted it. Few month later, we were engaged and our wedding date was 29.10.2016. Thank you once again for bringing so much happiness in our lives. - Sabina Rahman & Resalat Rajib

Profile ID: sky88bd32 & mamun321

I registered myself on searching for my love, my life partner. I been a paid member for so long got many proposals on but it didn't interest me. One day, I came across the profile of sky88bd32. I was quite impressed by her profile and I expressed my proposal in her profile and she accepted. We were in touch with each other on phone, social network and chat. I was happy to get a positive response and with the consent of our families we decided to get married in 10 August 2016. Thanks to we found each other and from the bottom of our heart we thank you and wish you all the very best. We were meant to be together and was like a cupid in our life... " With Love Shabiha Tuhin and Al Mamun.

Profile ID: sm1978 & sunlight16

Choosing the right life partner is one of the most important yet toughest decisions of a person's life. You look for lifetime commitment and hence it is significant that you chose a person whom you are comfortable with. When I registered on, I was amazed to find so many profiles on the portal that I could scroll through. I had some expectations for a life partner and was glad that I was able to find many profiles according to my criteria. The profile I found most interesting was that of Lucky Akter. Once we started conversations with each other, we felt comfortable and so decided to meet and we felt that we are perfect match. Our family also agreed with us and we got married 9th September 2016. - Md shahadat Hossain & Lucky Akter

Profile ID: mkt15 & m.mohonta

I am very much lucky to find my partner through I was a registered member of and here I met with Mollika Ghosh in February, 2016. We have started talking with each other and liked each other very much. Both of our family accepted our decisions and now we are happily married since 29 April, 2016. We would like to give thanks to and wish for their tremendous progress for now and forever. Thank You Bibahabd!

- Mithun Mohonta

Profile ID: irfanksh & eva89

With great thanks to my Almighty, I would like to share a good news to "". Alhamdulillah, I got married to Mohammad Irfan Khan on 21 February 2016. We had introduced with each other through our Bibahabd Account. So, we also like to give Thanks to "" and want to share our story.

- Mohammad Irfan Khan & Kaniz Farzana Eva

Profile ID: mintu001 & kothabb

I am Mintu Mangsang. As a small ethnic it was very difficult for me to find my desire life partner. Then I created a profile at Here I met kothabb. She sent me proposal and I accepted it. Through the ups and downs we finally got happily married at February 03, 2016. We are very much grateful to for making the platform through which we found each other. Thanks to

- Mintu Mangsang & Keya Veronica Manda

Profile ID: cielo_bd & divorced

I am nothing special, of this I am sure. I am a common woman with common thoughts and I've led a common life. I was looking for a man who will understand my thoughts and will love me endlessly. And I found that person at I found cielo_bd here, we started chatting, sharing and then finally we got married at January 22, 2016. Thanks to for showing their care and concern for us. We are grateful to their service.

- Ishrat Mustari & Alli Iqbal.

Profile ID: saifuddineee91 & nipa1456

Hi! I am Saif Uddin an embedded hardware and software engineer. I always needed a woman as my life partner who will love and care me endlessly. After trying with several media and matchmaker, I created a profile at and within short time I found nipa1456 here. We started communicating with each other and after 3 month we got engaged and then got married at January 01, 2016. I would like to give Thanks to Almighty Allah for giving me Dr. Urmee Rahman as my life partner and then my heartiest wishes goes for for making a platform for those who are trying to find their life partner as they wanted. Thanks

-Saif Uddin & Dr. Urmee Rahman.

Profile ID: nova36 & rtrshuvo

I am Subhankar Biswas. I have been working as a Consulting Engineer with a well reputed company in Australia. I always believe that love is an emotion and marriage is a commitment. Therefore, I was looking for someone who has both emotion and commitment. And I found that person at Through this website I found Niti Nova and we started communicating with each other. And then we got married at November 27, 2015. Thanks to for their wonderful service.

- Subhankar Biswas & Niti Nova

Profile ID: simin.tabassum07 & sayedurbd

I married Simin Tabassum last 11-September-2015 after negotiation of 04 months though it was very harder to come in success. Thanks to Allah for everything. And also thanks to for showing so much care and concern for me as a paid member and make my partner search procedure smooth and easy.

- Simin Tabassum & Sayedur Rahman

Profile ID: tanhayiy And ashif.rana

The very first day I created my profile and within an hour I got first interest shown by a member and it was ashif.rana. I accepted it and started talking to each other and liked each other. Now we are happily married. Thank you Bibahabd!! [Wedding Date: 25/07/2015]

- Sadia Hassan

Profile ID: synthi & zayeed_oz

I am Bangladeshi by birth, Australian citizen through migration. I am introvert, sensitive, simple and down to earth person. I was looking for a highly qualified, loyal and honest life-partner and of course Bangladeshi. Through this web site my meaningful partner search has come to an end. I finally choose Synthia's profile from here, my parents also liked her. We communicated with each other and realized that we are perfect for each other. [Wedding Date: 24/06/2015] Thanks for such a wonderful service provided.

- Ahmed Rasul

Profile ID: toma12 & bdazaz

I am very simple, normal & ordinary person. Expected a caring & loveable man who will live with me till my death. Thanks to as we found each other. I am very lucky to have the most caring man in the world as my beloved husband. Thanks again team to make it happen in my life. [Wedding Date: 03/04/2015]

- Farjana Toma

Profile ID: nabilajebinupoma & faizullah

Hi! I am Nabila Jebin. I love to spend my time with my family members, cousins and friends. I like to study a lot. So I would like to do job after completion of my education. Thanks to team. For their continuous help and assistance finally I found my life partner exactly I dreamt for. [Wedding Date: 07/08/2015] Selim is a very simple, honest and open minded person. He understands me well and supports my dream. Thanks again to

- Nabila Jebin

Profile ID: farzana83 AND drmusa

Hi this portal really helped me in finding my soul mate, its a great platform to look for your partner and you have choice from wordwide. I really encourge people who are looking to get married, go for this site and go for the paid subscription as it helped more in finding your life partner..

- Farzana AND Musa

Profile ID: dr.tahnoon and sharminakhtar

Tahnoon found my profile on the site, sent me a Proposal and I accepted not expecting too much after a long unsuccessful search. We both are very grateful to to give us this opportunity to meet and find our happiness together.

- Tharmina Akhtar AND Dr.Tahnoon

Profile ID: tasikul And rakibulbd

It is not that easy stuff to find out a chosen life partner out of 160 million people in Bangladesh. The digital decade demands the digital solution. Eventually, the brought us together from the virtual life to the real life. We're really grateful to them who have maintained all possible responsibilities appropriately to make us a digital couple and we, therefore, went through the digital marriage on the Feb 24' 2012. We hope the success of so it can fulfill the social responsibilities onwards.

- Tasikul & Tahmina

Profile ID : Khizir & alisha

I thank for helping me to find my life partner. On Dec 30th Dec 2009, I Khizir, contacted Kaniz for the first time at; we shared emails, snap & chatted for few months & got engaged. We got married on Dec 30th Dec 2009.
Without site it would have been impossible to meet as I was in Australia & she was in Bangladesh. Many Thanks to The Bibahabd team once again! (Khizir and Kaniz)

Profile ID : kamal & niha22s

After months of going through numerous profiles, meeting various guys and their families, I finally found my soul mate on after accepting his request, I almost forgot about it as we had no further correspondence. Then one fortunate day he called me and we started going. We couldn’t get enough of talking to each other via phone and web chat .After talking and getting to know each other for almost 2 months, he finally decided to meet. It was love at first sight. Two meetings and families met and within a week, we decided to get engaged on January 14, 2010.
We would like to thank for giving us this platform. I finally found my soul mate here!

Profile ID: vaskar & farhanaonly

Dear BibahaBD Team,
We are very glad to get your cordial support and hospitality. We are amazed to enjoy your services. SPECIAL THANKS TO YOU.

Vashkore & Farhana

Profile ID: criticalcare6 & sanjeda

I liked wara profile and sent him proposal.Sanjeda got in touch with me and we spoke for about a year and a half before we decided we were indeed always meant for each other.
Thanks to I have met my soul mate.

- Criticalcare6

Profile ID: khaledtudce AND gungun12

Thanks to .. We meet while searching prospective matches for us and found each other like this.

- khaled

Profile ID: akter007 AND fizzup29

Thanks for helping us find each other, you guys doing a great job. All the best and hope you people help several people find their soul mates.

- Akter

Profile ID: kbk2025 And rumu11

I would recommend the website for all the singles. Thanks for helping us find each other

- Rumu

Profile ID: foridul & morshedarahman

We would like to thank for helping us find each other. I would recommend the website for all the singles.

Foridul Islam and Iffat Jahan

Profile ID: argentina AND sabihasultana

Thanks for the help you provided in making my life complete - It was actually bit quick, we exchanged our profiles in 23 Dec, 2011 and found it good for further discussion.

Shaifulazim AND sabiha

Profile ID: Rialferdous AND shilpifer

Assalamuwalaikum, Thank you very much for your quick response and wished me. I got engaged with my partner from your site, Date: 13 may 2012 . Her profile name was Shilpi Hoque and she is from Chittagong. Thanks again for your help and unlimited support. Wish your all the best and fast/wide growing/success matrimonial site in Bangladesh. JazakAllah'o khair wasalaam.

With thanks and very best regards
Ferdous Alam

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