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We have arrangement of these services for users satisfaction through the reliable source. We believe The veracity and acceptability of the information helps in choosing the soulmate.


Best matrimony service in Bangladesh

The service ensures delivering genuine information pertaining to various aspects of the nature and personality of the target person. In some cultures, marriage is referred to as the handcuffs of life.
This phrase is not meant to threaten you, but it shows the seriousness with which this union is taken. When you plan on marrying, you plan on having a person you will live with for the rest of your life. For all you know, you need to have as much information about the person as possible. We have services that provide Pre Matrimonial investigation for you to know exactly who you are marrying.

Our services include checking of their family background for your own good. Family background may include tracing any kind of family diseases which may affect your family negatively. Also, we check for the traits of their family such as temperament to gauge if your potential partner will be violent or not. These are only a few of the traits you will get from our investigation.

Social Status is also an extremely important point that you can verify only with the help of our Pre Matrimonial Investigation Service. We will try to find out what other people in society think about family and potential partner for better understanding.

We also check for their financial strength to ensure you are not marrying an individual whose only aim is to spend your money. If they have been bankrupt before and have hidden that from you, you will know. If they are laden with debts and other financial obligations, our expert detectives will let you know of that in no time.

There are many times that people lie about their education levels. Some have even gone the extra mile of forging degrees and other certificates all in an effort to impress people like you who do not suspect such a thing to occur.
If your potential marriage partner speaks of having been a student of a given prestigious university, we will find the truth behind that through our proven methods. Also, if your potential marriage partner claims to be the chief executive of a given company, we will establish the truth in that. You won’t need to lift a finger to know such important aspects about your potential marriage partner.

Our Matrimonial investigation services also entail finding out your partner’s habits which you may not like. Do they smoke? Are they hopeless drunkards? Do they spend money recklessly? These are but a few of the aspects we will establish about them once you have hired the best private investigators in Bangladesh.

With such information, you will be ready to make the informed decision of choosing your life partner. With the help of Pre Matrimonial Investigations, We also look at their past and how it may affect you. For example, do they have a child they have hidden from you? Are they secretly still seeing an old lover whom they cannot get over? We help you prevent shocks which may hit you once you have settled down with your partner. We are sure you do not want such revelations after trusting them so deeply.

Our Services are spread all over Bangladesh. With a team of expert detectives who have a long experience, Matrimonial Investigations Service of Bibahabd.com is your best choice in this.

Scope: All Over Bangladesh
Duration: Inquiry is completed within 10 days of payment confirmation date.
Payment: The verification is carried out against a charge, See Charge within the area specified.

Matrimonial Investigation Charges

# Area Metropolitan City District City Upazila / Union
1 Dhaka Division 15,000tk 20,000tk 25,000tk
2 Chittagong Division 15,000tk 20,000tk 25,000tk
3 Rajshahi Division 15,000tk 20,000tk 25,000tk
4 Barisal Division 15,000tk 20,000tk 25,000tk
5 Khulna Division 15,000tk 20,000tk 25,000tk
6 Sylhet Division 15,000tk 20,000tk 25,000tk
7 Rangpur Division 15,000tk 20,000tk 25,000tk
8 Mymensingh Division 15,000tk 20,000tk 25,000tk


Legal Advice of Matrimony

This service is provided for the members who need to know certain issues related to immigrations of spouses,mix marriages, adoption laws, etc through our legal advisers.

Procedure: A request is forwarded by the member with a short detail of the issue to customer care.

Duration: The legal advice is forwarded in 3 days time after money receipt confirmation.

Payment: The rate of payment for legal advice is Tk 1000.00 (One Thousand Taka) paid in advance.


Matrimonial Investigation

This is a service for those special Members who want to be classified high on the search. These members by identifying themselves with BB Seal automatically draw greater attention since their credentials are verified at registration.

The members are required to bring in any and all documents that support the information displayed in their profile to our office. After the same is authenticated by authorised personnel of Bibahabd.com a BB Seal is awarded. You are now an official bearer of the BB Seal and therefore have a much more sought after profile than a regular member.

Fortune favours the Brave The legal advice is forwarded in 10 days time after money receipt confirmation.

Be a BB Seal holder so that Good Luck favours you.